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      銷售熱線:023 63110707

      售后熱線023 88068007

      Aston Martin Chongqing was founded in 2012 as the second officially authorized dealer in southwest Great China region. Being defined by a fiercely independent spirit and a rich and prestigious history, Aston Martin has always been unique in the automotive world since 1913. The impeccable design, the supreme performance and the iconic James Bond style captivated the public’s imagination and still commands the same emotive fascination over 100 years later. The elegant and composed sense also made Aston Martin known as the sports car which fits the daily business suits as well as evening dresses.   

      Aston Martin Chongqing locates in Honghu West Road 51, New North Zone, with a global standard showroom and a full functional service centre. In addition to the merchandising demo cars, the customized service can be delivered here as well. Aston Martin Chongqing always committed to serve a unique high quality experience for our honorable customers.




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